Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Park, most recent Canadian volcano, tours to the cone, Auto Tour with short walks, viewing platforms, or picnic area at each. Breath-taking mountain views, Jade green lakes, streams, and forests. The mighty Nass River feeding the people of the Nass and providing sustenance enough to accommodate trade and assistance with our neighbors in all directions.

Traditional totem poles, Home of the first native School District in BC, First modern treaty in Canadian history


“From the day a Nisga’a child is born to the time they are gone, they belong. They learn of their wilp (tribal house), their adawaak (stories), our ayuukw (laws) and our yukw (feast)”. “it is the responsibility of the wilksiw’itkw (paternal uncles and ants) to teach the young child just as much as it is the responsibility of the parents to guide their children. They will be there to take care of you from your first day to long after you are gone”. This message has been passed down for generations, at the dinner table, in the feast halls, and in community gatherings and celebrations.

The Nisga’a nation has been here since time immemorial. The Nisga’a language and culture has stood the test of time. Learn of how our feasts are still completely in the Nisga’a Language. How our children learn of our responsibilities from the time they are able to walk and talk.

See how our schools have language and culture as integral parts of their school curriculum. How our national and community governments function to protect and preserve the future generations.

Learn how the songs, stories, and dances are taught and passed down to the younger generations.


Beautiful scenery, peace and tranquility, or the power of rushing waters and  water falls. Swim in pristine glacier fed lakes, wildlife and fish in abundance. Walk in thick green mosses among beautiful old growth forests.

We are thankful for all the gifts we have in the valley. We believe each of these gifts holds the energy of our ancestors. We ask that visitors respect in the same manner as visiting an elder in your community.